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*  Stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin skin proteins
*  Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, deep furrows and crow's feet
*  Firms  aged and tired skin
*  Reduces pore size and improves skin tone
*  Reduces dark circles and puffiness around eyes
*  Diminishes age spots and freckles
*  Reduces appearance of scars, stretch marks,blemishes & surgical wounds
*  Increases skin's moisture retention
*  Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea
*  Non-invasive and safer than cosmetic surgery/treatments and much less expensive.
*  Increases circulation
*  Stimulated the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the major carrier 
    of energy to al cells.
*  Stimulation of ATP can help with various forms of sexual dysfunction in both men and    women.
*  Reduces pain and inflammation. Including muscle pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis,  broken bones, sprains, strains, cuts, nerve damage and can decrease injury healing time.
*  Helps relieve swelling by increasing the lymphatic system activity.
*  Aids in depression, relieves stress and relaxes the body the mind
*  Helpful in reducing nervous tics
*  Reduces headaches and migraines
*  Used by pro athletes to promote healing and muscle growth
*  It is UV Free but can be used to create smooth, supple skin for a darker, longer lasting  tan.




Red light therapy was developed by NASA and is FDA approved. Red light therapy accelerates skin healing, by penetrating to the bottom of the skin*s dermis layer and into the subcutaneous fatty layer and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin proteins. It increases the skin*s metabolism of healthy oxygen and nutritional molecules. This gentle, yet extremely effective treatment is very beneficial as an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation tool and aids in fading sunspots and hyper pigmentation by stimulating the skin cells vitality and permeability.


Red light therapy is a non-invasive, nonsurgical alternative, helping the skin maintain elasticity and firmness, while refining its texture and smoothing lines and wrinkles. Red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm.

Aside from its cosmetic and anti-aging benefits, RED light therapy can provide relief from chronic and acute pain including muscle pain, joint pain, broken bones, arthritis,  tissue and nerve damage, and can decrease injury healing time. Originally developed by NASA for this purpose, RED light therapy is now used by professional athletes to promote healing with powerful results.

Red light therapy is a healing strategy to stimulate the body*s natural defense systems and bring relief from various ailments. The basis for this type of treatment has to do with the fact that red light helps to activate ATP or adenosine triphosphate in the muscle tissues, releasing more energy for the body to use. ATP is the major carrier of energy to all cells. Increases in ATP allow cells to readily accept nutrients and expel waste products faster by increasing the energy level in the cell. Red light activated ATP stimulates white blood cells that work to repair damaged tissues,  and can aid in wound healing. ATP also activates endorphins that provide soothing relief from chronic and acute pain.

Red Light allows ATP to promote rapid action by the body*s defenses. ATP helps to increase blood circulation, which reduces swelling and inflammation. Increased blood circulation can benefit those with high blood pressure because good circulation allows the heart to do less work.

Red light therapy may also be helpful with nervous tics. Mild depression may also be helped with a series of red light therapy treatments, offering some of the same effects that can be found by spending time in natural sunlight. Red light therapy can be used to help counteract stress after a rough day by helping to relax the mind and body. There are even claims that the stimulation of ATP in the body can help with various forms of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Because RED light therapy triggers the body*s own defenses, it actually treats the sources of pain and doesn*t just mask the symptoms. RED light therapy provides relief from pain and discomfort without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.



Frequently Asked Questions


Does the red light therapy produce the same light as the sun? 
No. Red light therapy lamps do not transmit any UV light.


Can I use red light therapy the same day as I tan? 
Yes, you may use red light therapy the same day as you tan. In fact, it is recommended that it be used before tanning, since the red light therapy brings blood to the surface of your skin and produces a better tan through increased oxidation of melanin.


Do I need to wear protective eye wear?
No, but due to the intensity and brightness of the lamps, eye protection is recommended for comfort.


How  soon will I notice results?
There are few immediate changes to skin, as change occurs naturally over a period of weeks. Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age and the condition of their skin. In general best results are achieved by using 3-4 times per week for 3 months. Then to maintain results, 1-2 times per week afterwards.


How long to the results last?
Results depend on the length of treatment and the original conditions being treated. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process. If maintenance treatments are discontinued your results will gradually fade over the course of time, at which point re-treatment can be done.



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